Community Chest Click link for more info All Garments $1.00, or Less
Community Chest-Knoxville is a not-for-profit clothing and small household items shop serving all, but focusing service to those in distressed situations and to those with low incomes. Located Inside Northwest FISH Hospitality Pantry/food warehouse facility: 122 W. Scott Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37917
(Half block off Central Avenue) Phone: 971-4417 Open: Monday thru Saturday
10 AM - 5 PM
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Volunteer with FISH Hospitality Pantries

Fish Hospitality Pantries
Become involved as a Volunteer or Donor. Every person can contribute to the campaign to renew and strengthen our community. We need the insights, gifts, and talents of many people to end hunger.

For more information about Volunteer Opportunities, you may contact us here:
Click here to send us an e-mail

(Office Only - This Location is Not a Food Pantry)
Hospitality Pantries, Inc.
dba FISH Hospitality Pantries
800 Northshore Drive
Knoxville, TN 37919


Fish Hospitality Pantries

Serving as a FISH Volunteer

Located directly across the street from Pease Furniture Company and the area landmark, King Tut's Grill, the FISH South Knoxville Food Pantry in the Vestal United Methodist Church has been providing food to people who are low on food and low on money to buy food in South Knox County for about 20 years.

A wide diversity of people work at the pantry two days a week. Volunteers come from several churches, and many of our guests volunteer to help as well.

In addition to the food provided through the FISH Hospitality Pantries program, one large area grocery store donates food once a week, enabling our guests to have more choices. In the past, volunteers bagged up food with each person getting the same items. Now our guest make choices for themselves. This process allows for more options and helps better meet individual needs.

The FISH program is an important service to many in South Knoxville. Close to 500 families are helped each week. Our volunteers and guests have established friendships with one another, and we are happy to be an integral part of the community.

Serving as a volunteer at the South Knoxville Hospitality Pantry provides a benefit to me as well as those who are receiving food. Volunteering at the pantry has shown me that those in need of assistance are real people---not just statistics I sometimes read about in the newspaper. I have formed new relationships with people I didn't know---and deeper relationships with some people whom I have known for years, but sadly without knowing their needful circumstances. Most of all, I more deeply realize the true meaning of Matthew 25:35, "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat."

Bob Huff, Volunteer for South Pantry

FISH 5-4-3

Did you know that:
  • When you give $5
  • A Famliy of 4
  • Can Eat for 3 Days

Be a Part of FISH 5-4-3

FISH Hospitality Pantries

FISH Gift Cards

FISH GIft Cards are a great way to honor family and friends and feed hungry families at the same time.

Your family and friends will receive an attractive Gift Card telling them how many families you have fed in their name. Click here for more information.

Your gift of $10 will feed TWO families for three days.