Community Chest Click link for more info All Garments $1.00, or Less
Community Chest-Knoxville is a not-for-profit clothing and small household items shop serving all, but focusing service to those in distressed situations and to those with low incomes. Located Inside Northwest FISH Hospitality Pantry/food warehouse facility: 122 W. Scott Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37917
(Half block off Central Avenue) Phone: 971-4417 Open: Monday thru Saturday
10 AM - 5 PM
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Fish Hospitality Pantries

FISH Hospitality Pantries

FISH Hospitality Pantries (a.k.a. Hospitality Pantries, Inc.) operates four pantries in East, South, Northwest and West Knoxville. We currently provide food to more than 11,000 families every month.

FISH focuses on what more can be done to help ensure that everyone gets enough to eat.
In Knox County 57,000 people live in poverty -- more than 25% of them are children. Thousands of other families live near the poverty line and struggle for the basic necessities of live. The number of families who come to our pantries has more than doubled in the last two years. Learn more about  who we are or how people can get help.
Soon after 7 am, people begin to line up to await the 10 am pantry opening. More than 11,000 food packages are provided each month from our three Knoxville neighborhood-based pantries.

The new canopy pavilion provides shelter from the sun and rain for the many hundreds of guests coming for food assistance each day to our Northwest Pantry. It also allows for large donations of fresh fruits and vegetables to now be distributed outside in all weather conditions.

Upcoming Events
FISH Hospitality Pantry @ Scott Ave.

More Than Food

Rather than being concerned with who is deserving, FISH Hospitality Pantries responds with respect to anyone who asks for food. We seek to nourish both the bodies and the spirits of those we serve.

FISH Hospitality Pantries provides more packages of food to hungry Knoxvillians than all other Knoxville pantries combined.

Learn more about what we do.
At our pantries, families coming for food assistance are able to choose food items most suited to their needs from the varied selection offered.

FISH 5 • 4 • 3

Learn how your monthly contribution of just $5 can make a
difference in helping to end hunger in our community.

Property for Parking Project


The final construction phase of the Northwest Pantry parking lot project has been successfully completed. Many of our pantry guests have told us how much they appreciate our efforts on the new parking lot to make their needed food relief more easily accessible. So many of our guests are burdened with health issues and handicaps that make it difficult for them when they have to park far away and walk great distances with groceries. Over the years we had observed the agitation, and even panic of some, when they are unable to find parking space nearby our pantry, adding to the already stressful time for those in need of food for their families.

With the completion of the new parking lot we have experienced much less vehicle congestion and other related parking issues that were chronically stressful problems (for pantry guests, volunteers, and surrounding businesses) over the previous five plus years. As I have said to many, the new parking lot is contributing more to peace around the Scott Ave pantry than we could have ever imagined when planning the project. Thank you to all who contributed to the successful realization of this project. Hundreds of people are benefiting from it every week now.